With so many complex and innovative products and services coming to market on a daily basis, how can you make yours stand-out? Moreover, how can you make your technology, innovation or insight understood?

A friend of the firm recently selected Epipheo to create a motion graphic (a.k.a animated video or animation) explaining the “epiphany” behind their product. These videos all have a simple formula: Problem > Solution > Benefits. In the case of Epipheo, it’s: Old Way of Doing Things > Epiphany > New Way.

Creative Director extraordinaire and consultant on many of Tenor’s communications design projects, Parker Moore, created what still stands in my mind as one of the best examples of the medium. For Hitachi’s Storage Solutions Group (i.e. the hard drive guys), Moore and his team developed this video anthropomorphizing a bit of data and the hard drive upon which it is stored. Add a little retro cartooning and disco and you get a great story:

Of course the formula still holds. In this case, a technological innovation which will lead to superior products is explained using the formula — in it, the problem is bit density on hard drives which can cause the loss of data stored on them; the solution is to change the way in which the bits are organized, improving density and reducing loss; and the benefits are more storage for your digital items and greater assurance they won’t get lost.

It’s a great story, but if any other medium was used to tell it – would it make a compelling epiphany for the consumer?