I’m proud to tell you that Laura Cruz has earned a promotion at Tenor from Senior Associate to Account Director.

Laura has invested three and a half years with Tenor and has over a decade of public relations and marketing experience. In that time, Laura has played an integral role in the success of dozens of strategic communications for the National Venture Capital Association, a number of notable venture capital firms, and several startup and growth companies. In her new role Laura is working directly with clients to set brand, marketing and communications strategy while maintaining a team focus on delivering unmatched results.

I have been impressed by Laura’s talent for operating in fast paced and dynamic markets and media environments. From managing social media campaigns and high-impact events, to building long-term relationships with influencers in the media, Laura consistently delivers the results Tenor’s clients demand.

Fellow team member,  Channa Brooks added: “For years Laura has provided impeccable service to a host of clients.  Whether client-facing or behind the scenes, her creativity, attention to detail, and strategic thinking bring tremendous value to Tenor’s client roster.  She is an invaluable, active contributor within the Tenor team.”

Please join me in congratulating Laura.

Thank you,

Tenor works with entrepreneurs, private investors, global brands and strategic non-profits to build strategic and durable brand, marketing and communications programs. The boutique consulting firm is driven by senior counsel from Carol Sacks, Channa Brooks, Laura Cruz and Matthew Stotts and with the support of a dedicated staff and a network of trusted specialists and experts.