We’ve all heard of smiling and dialing, but why not simply try dialing for smiles. Making that first phone call can suck until you realize there’s another human being on the other end of the line and you might have a chance to brighten their day, make them laugh, think or see things in a new way. Do unto others when you dial and you’ll be surprised at the return on your time. First, you’ll feel better. Seriously. What’s it like in Wichita today? Is your office chair as uncomfortable as mine? Nobody in my office even goes to the watercooler any longer; how am I supposed to know what’s going on around here? Same for you?

His Girl Friday 1

I had the honor of fundraising and riding in one of Dan Pallota’s California AIDS Rides, cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles years ago. I’d always admired the organization he’d built through teamwork and compassion. I could just imagine how Dan worked the phones to make a difference in people’s lives when reading this article in the Harvard Business Review, “Just Call Someone Already.