Industry events are an ideal time to connect with top minds in the venture capital sector and identify potential investors. VCs attend these events to engage entrepreneurs, learn about new trends and technology and meet with their colleagues.

But there are so many events you could attend, so many places you could put your energy! The key is to know where and when it’s worth investing in a conference.

Here are a few things you should consider when trying to determine whether a networking event is right for you:


One way to spot a top conference is to see whether the event has consistently returning attendees or if it’s a new cycle every time. If there is a community around the event and certain firms return every year, then it is likely worth investing your time.


Often times investing in newer, smaller conference is worthwhile. Generally sponsorships cost half of those at an established conference. That means you’re essentially risking less for a potentially greater return.


Image: VCs invest in small conferences



Take time to understand what each event is selling. That will help you evaluate the communications trends surrounding each meeting and developing an approach for participating.

No matter which events you choose to attend, take time to craft a strategy before you go that will allow you to maximize your investment team’s visibility. Everybody is raising their game, so plan ahead to bring new and increased value and visibility to the event. Also plan to arrive early and be open to learning as much as possible.

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Which conferences do you recommend? Have you attended any of the ones we’ve suggested? Let us know.