People have been excited about social media since it first began to emerge because it is one of the prime examples of the power of the network. It’s also one of the top ways to make new connections and strengthen old ones.

However, anyone who thinks of it simply as “social media” is missing the point. It really is human media — the humanization of networks. Technology almost by definition must shrink the distance between people and help us connect in new ways.

Image: Tech shrinks the distance between people.


Why video is a prime example of a human medium

Video in particular has the power to engage and entertain like no other medium and YouTube and Vimeo have proven it by making video social. Just look at the video used to announce Battery Ventures’ $50 million financing for Bluejeans video conferencing. It’s humanizing and simplifies business communications, relaying a clear value proposition for potential customers.

The video didn’t focus on the news hook, but it was creative and entertaining. It also got the attention of influencers, bloggers and media who either wrote about the announcement or forwarded along the video to their communities.

Bringing viewers closer through video

As an example, here’s a series of videos we conceived and produced with the New York Stock Exchange that brought viewers behind the scenes and up-close with today’s hottest tech CEOs, such as Aaron Levie of Box, Phil Libin of Evernote and Tod Sacerdoti of BrightRoll and Vlad Shmunis of Ring Central, which IPO’d recently.

Here’s the latest with Guy Kawasaki interviewing co-founder and CEO of MongoDB, Dwight Merriman.

We’re all human, and we like to see and interact with other people. The potential of video is endless, especially when you have solid video storytellers like Silber Studios on your side, ready to take on these new challenges to both entertain and connect us.