Creating buzz for your brand is something we excel at. We’re researchers, and we think like journalists to reverse-engineer your message into the stories that the top-tier media wants to write.

Stories about your company and mentions of your brand in connection with important business trends bring you visibility that helps you reach and go beyond strategic goals. This is not just something we say, it’s something we measure and quantify.

The process begins with identifying your key performance indicators, or the metrics that matter most to your company and its stakeholders. Are you aiming to increase your revenue, or drive more traffic to your website, or both of those things?

Working with Tenor to identify KPIs is critical for establishing high-performing programs, benchmarking to the market, and improving outcomes quarter to quarter. The results of all PR and marketing campaigns will be mapped back to those factors.

To quantify the results we get for your business, we set a benchmark by analyzing your company’s current position in the market, how it positions next to rival enterprises and what share of customer, partner and influencer attention it commands. This benchmark serves as a starting point from which we measure how your communications programs impact your business and your brand.

Here are Tenor’s top 5 PR benchmarking approaches:

  • Establish context – We create a baseline by quantifying current mentions of your business and those of competitors.
  • Decipher impact – We measure campaign CTRs, Web Forms, and overall website traffic.
  • Track share of voice – We measure against the competitive brands, product names, and messages that are creating a stir in the media.
  • Dig into social – We track the social sharing of content and PR
  • Watch reputation – We decide which prior events and past milestones to use as a benchmark.

The most important component of measuring PR impact comes from mapping out the world of opportunity that surrounds your brand. Who is in the best position to propel your business forward? Is it customers, social influencers, the media – or all of those people?

Chances are, the people in the best position to push your business to the next level are already talking about what you do. But how often are they mentioning your name?

Tenor Partners is the firm that makes sure that key opinion leaders do mention your name. And then we measure how those mentions help your business thrive and grow.
It’s one thing to say that increased visibility will help you reach and surpass strategic goals. It’s another thing to track this phenomenon with meaningful metrics.

Managing PR campaigns properly is crucial for their success, and you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why we put so much effort into tracking the results we get for your business. We’re proud of what the numbers show, and it’s our pleasure to share them with you.