Here at Tenor, we’re big fans of “The 20 Minute VC” podcast, produced by Harry Stebbings. We flag a recent interview with angel investor Elad Gil, founder of Color Genomics and one of the most prominent angel investors in the valley with a portfolio that includes Airbnb, Stripe, Square and Pinterest. In the podcast, Gil talks about how to add value as an investor, and how VCs can build their brands to impact dealflow. This one is worth 20 minutes of your time!

Working alongside venture capital firms, Tenor has been tracking some of the brightest innovators in AI! According to CB Insights, over 550 startups are using AI as a core part of their products, and they raised $5B in funding in 2016. And for your “AI fix” this week, we direct you to the New York Times profile of Dr. Geoffrey Everest Hinton. If you dictate a text on your smartphone, search for a photo on Google or, in the not too distant future, ride in a self-driving car, you will be using technology based partly on Dr. Hinton’s ideas.

VC in AI
Venture Capital investments in Artificial Intelligence

And finally, BusinessWeek just launched a sleek redesign of its news site — and we like it! It’s always great to see print publications innovate to achieve better access to their content. In their latest issue, Peter Coy explains why the world’s workers shouldn’t be worried about a “robot apocalypse.” Work may eventually be automated out of existence, but first, we need to deal with labor shortages and the “skills mismatch.”

SOURCE: Bloomberg Businessweek