Capital formation, or fundraising, is a critical phase is any growth company’s strategy. While venture capital investment does not benefit all fast growing companies or companies with ambitions to dominate market share, many business models are well suited to it or even require it. Less common is the founding team’s familiarity with the rather niche cottage industry of U.S. venture capital which for innovative companies with massive market opportunities is largely focused in Silicon Valley and a handful of large markets.

Matthew Stotts’s intimate knowledge of venture capital firms and the way in which their partnerships take form and how their individual partners perform, provides founders with a wholly unique advantage in the capital formation process. He maps the dynamic investing landscape of today to a startup’s future potential and current business metrics, identifying the critical factors that accelerate fundraising while mitigating the risks of over communication or strategic errors that set back founders and close off optimal paths to growth.

A typical engagement with founders covers four key areas. While roughly sequential the process is iterative and new milestones and market developments, as well as the changing investor landscape and macroeconomic conditions, are factored into the process for continual refinement.


  1. Capital Raising Strategy Development
  2. Landscape Assessment and Firm & Investor Profiling
  3. Investment Presentation Developed and Aligned with Investor Landscape
  4. Investor Outreach, Relationship-building, network extension and transfer

Comprehensive consults typically requires only three months and fundraising support is executed over six months.

COST: projects are quoted at market rate based upon each deal’s unique attributes

Interested in hearing more?  Check out our Capital Formation Presentation Below, and see if this could be the right fit for you: