Home Security Comes with Pitfalls

Home security products are wildly popular, but they come with problems in different areas, one of which is the potential to criminalize innocent behavior: reports PC Magazine. For example, Ring products permit access to Neighbors, a social-networking app that promotes surveillance within a community. However, the system designed to promote safety can pose a danger to people who have a legitimate reason for being in the area and aren’t guilty of any wrongdoing.

Amazon, Ring’s owner, has a facial recognition database called Rekognition that it has pitched to ICE. Unfortunately, if the two systems are linked, a visit from undocumented relatives or friends could lead to their arrest. The convenience of being able to know when deliveries or visitors arrive has some pitfalls.

Tijuana Residents Are Buying Stolen Materials from U.S. Border Wall for Security

Last fall, U.S. Border Control and American troops installed a fence along the country’s southern border to prevent Mexican immigrants from crossing illegally. According to Fox News, officials in Tijuana report that 15 to 20 people have been arrested for allegedly stealing concertina wire from the border fence. Tijuana’s secretary of public safety told the San Diego Union-Tribune that thieves take the wire under cover of darkness and sell it to residents who want to improve their home security. The wire doesn’t resemble materials found at local hardware stores, he added.

Concertina wire has galvanized steel blades that expand and contract, which make it easy to transport. Military forces from countries around the globe have used it since WW I. Now, the wire is being used by residents of Tijuana, a city plagued by a high murder rate due to drug-related gang wars.

Adobe Systems Enters Partnership with Hello Tech to Provide Home Security Services

Adobe Systems has partnered with Hello Tech to provide set up and support services for Adobe customers wanting to install the company’s home security system: reports the New Daily Herald. Under the new alliance, Adobe customers may choose to have Hello Tech install their system, or they may install it themselves. While the cost of Hello Tech’s “Do it for me installation services” depends on the size of the system purchased, it starts at $99. The company will introduce supporting features in the years to come.

As technology advances, the demand for smart home security applications is rising across North American and Europe. Because of the increase in burglaries worldwide, experts expect the popularity of products like Adobe’s home security system to grow.

Vivint Releases Product to Connect Car Security to Home Security

Vivint Smart Home has introduced to the market Vivint Car Guard: reports CEPro. The company said it is the first product in the industry that permits homeowners the capability of managing their home and car security from the same app. Customers who purchase the service can use it to monitor the location, security and diagnostics of a car from a remote location. The service also provides information about recalls and sends owners alerts if their car is stolen.

Car Guard enables users to set geofences around key places like the home, and it issues notifications when the car leaves or enters the areas. In addition, should a potential car thief disturb a car in a homeowner’s driveway, the incident would trigger lights to turn on, garage doors to close and doors to lock.