Just get it out and move on. Let people find the RegD filing. It’s easy for founders to become jaded about a PR staple like the funding announcement. Announcements like this are issued every day of the business week and even over weekends. It’s not really a page turner, and the facts often get muddled with other announcements from other companies when viewed from an investor’s vantage point. But because your investors are watching a constant stream of funding news from their portfolios and getting FOMO about all the others they see from investors they compete with, they may not be the best judge of value for this truly significant news item. For your employees, your early investors (heck your friends and family) and most importantly for your customers and prospective customers – this is BIG NEWS.  So how do you get your story noticed in a world inundated by Funding News chatter?

At Tenor, our goal is to help companies build a story that stands out. Our interactions work to get to know you, your business, and what your values look like: not just the numbers in Funding Announcement. Why was this company started and what will the funds received mean for the mission of the organization? What new initiatives inspired the need for funds, and what value will that create, not only for your company, but for our world? Who are the investors and what are their stories? Readers loves a good narrative, and our writers love a good narrative, too. Tenor’s goal is to not only to provide you with the top of the line Funding Announcement Process, but provide the media with a compelling hook.

We promise, at the end of the day, you will be left with a Funding Announcement that the world wants to read. Check out our Strategic Communications Plan to learn more.