Each week, the home security industry brings new headlines worth following. Here is this week’s rundown of newsworthy home security headlines:

Blink Outdoor Security Camera Gets New Updates With Blink XT2

Amazon continues to make its mark in the home security market by improving its existing products, and its Blink outdoor security camera is no exception. The Blink XT2 is the latest version of the Blink outdoor security camera, and Amazon provided convenient features in its latest release. The e-commerce giant recently updated its popular outdoor security camera with a two-way talking features and an enhanced battery that lasts up to two years. Consumers can also expect to get double the usage time as the Blink XT1 over two years if they use the security camera exclusively for recording videos. The product also features improved motion sensing capabilities to reduce false alerts. Consumers in the United States can look forward to a May 22nd release while Canadian customers can expect a summer release.

Google Announces New Smart Home Products at Google I/O 2019

Every year, Google holds its infamous I/O developer conference to introduce new products and announce upgrades and added features to existing products, and Google I/O 2019 did not disappoint in the home security sector. One of the most important announcements during the conference involved the confirmation of the much-rumored Nest Hub Max. This smart home display is larger than its predecessor, the Google Home Hub, and features a built-in Nest Cam with motion detection capabilities and speakers that are more powerful. The built-in camera also has facial recognition technology and can send out customized alerts to homeowners based on triggered events.
Google also rebranded its Google Home products to Google Nest. Google Nest product owners can also look forward to enhanced native control of security systems and other devices. With its rebranded smart home products and enhanced features, Google continues to improve its competitive advantage.

IntelliVision Helps Make Smart Home Cameras Smarter With New Video Analytics Feature

Smart camera artificial intelligence (AI) and video analytics leader IntelliVision is releasing a new video analytics feature for the Ambarella’s IP camera the CV22 SoC I. IntelliVision designed the new technology based on Ambarella’s CVflow architecture and created it to work with computer vision and AI applications. The new feature will help improve performance by up to 100 times thanks to hardware support for neural networks and deep learning.
The video analytics solution will also include various features, such as intrusion watch, face recognition and object detection and classification to make it easier to identify humans, demographics and animals. The video analytics feature will debut in June. With the introduction of this new feature, IntelliVision continues to strengthen its partnership with Ambarella and intersect the home security sector via smart home camera technology.

Membership for Open Security & Safety Alliance Doubles

Last Fall, only five companies made up the non-profit Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA). But since that time, the membership has doubled and it’s pushing its initiatives forward. Its initiatives have grown by 50 percent since 15 international organizations have joined OSSA, including publishing common frameworks with the goal to create an accessible and standardized platform for safety and security solutions. OSSA members already presented its Technology Stack-based prototype cameras at ISC West and continue to attract new players in the security industry. While OSSA aims to protect privacy and data security, it stands to drive impact in the home security sector for finding a common approach to address security concerns for smart home security cameras and other home security solutions.