Here is Why Your B2B Company can Benefit from PR

Why would my B2B company need PR?

Entrepreneur Magazine recently provided a thorough list of potential things that Public Relations helps with if your company works in the Business to Business sector. Building strong relationships, building a strong reputation and a positive image are just a few reasons to engage an agency. Not to mention the potential to increase revenue through more and increasingly satisfied customers. Remember, a negative reputation or a negative image are not prerequisites to engage a PR firm. Just as a team develops a crisis communications strategy before a crisis develops, it is crucial that a positive brand presence is put into effect prior to it becoming a necessity.

New product launches, entering a new sector, or just sharing great success stories and testimonials from customers are great reasons to get involved in PR. Whether dipping into a new avenue, or taking a deeper dive into your existing market share, an agency can get your message out in a clear, effective, and intentional way. Often times a handful of third-party news stories is all it takes to convince reluctant customers and generate new unforeseen leads. 

What services could PR provide to my B2B company?

The first thing any Public Relations Agency should do when working with a B2B company, is thoroughly understand the company’s vision and mission. From here, a strategy can be developed that helps fulfill the goals of the company with the expertise of the PR firm.

Potential services to accommodate a B2B company include a Brand Audit, to understand how the public views the company and trends within a specific sector. Strategic Communications Plans can be used to disperse press releases, thought leadership, or new product updates. And when your online presence needs a boost, an Online Reputation Management Service can help a B2B company’s SEO, Wikipedia page, social media, or primary website.

How does this improve my bottom line?

The Council of Public Relations Firms, on B2B public relations recently stated, “The role of PR firms within B2B organizations has shifted from simply disseminating news to sharing insight relevant to core constituencies.”  This is true… the role of public relations is not just to reiterate your message, but instead to tailor your message that reflects your goals and priorities, and ensure it gets in the hands of people and companies that matter to your bottom line.

There are several ways to measure success of public relations success. Fast Company lists a few standard measures of PR as web traffic, number of inbound links, ratio of new to repeat visitors, branded searches, fans, followers, tweets, retweets, comments to posts and likes. However, for B2B companies, these KPI’s could look a little different. Measures of leads generated, and overall brand awareness are crucial to taking your B2B company to the next level, and can ultimately have a significant measurable effect on a company’s bottom line.

So what’s next?

You are a B2B company looking to grow, with a written list of goals. You have a great story to share, or are looking to create one. You have a new product or service in preparation to launch, or are searching for new partners to help reach your business goals. If any of these situations resonate with you or the goals of your B2B company… it could be time to start looking for a PR firm that can make these goals become a reality.

Taking a look at today’s news headlines may give a person an inaccurate perception of PR. Between the NBA and NFL drama, to Adam Neumann’s WeWork debacle, it can often seem that Public Relations is only beneficial if you are involved in controversial or crisis prone situations. The truth is, any business looking to grow in a sustainable way that aligns with a specific mission can benefit from PR. This is especially true for B2B companies looking to appeal to their wider audiences of potential customers, clients, and partners.

Once you have wrapped your head around the idea that public relations isn’t just for the rich and famous, or the blundering companies trying to stay afloat, you may ask,  why would my B2B company need PR? What, exactly, could an agency help me with? And perhaps most importantly, how does this help me improve my bottom line?