There are countless instances of competitive advantage: scale, variety, quality and reputation. With so many ways your company could be competitive, it makes sense that your PR firm may get it wrong from time to time, right? Wrong! There may be a million different ways to get it right, but one false step in a direction that doesn’t play to your competitive edge could leave you like Motorola: reminiscing about the good ole days when all of the kids wanted a Razr phone, and watching the current business climate whiz past you.

The truth is: your PR firm should understand what your competitive is, and play a role in helping to ensure that competitive advantage changes with the times. We are constantly reminded of competitive advantages fails, from the traditional Blockbuster example, to the more current example of Yahoo: who can’t decide whether they are an email provider, job hunting resource, or video streaming site. These days, the biggest thing that these companies can provide is inspiration in finessing your competitive advantage, and a reminder to take a moment and ensure that those working close to you are promoting your competitive goals.

If there is one thing we know, it is the value of competitive positioning, and the importance of taking time to understand the client’s story. Take a look at what Tenor can offer you and your company below. You just may realize that your competitive advantage could use a little spring cleaning.

Our Brand Perception Audit allows you to understand what Sets you Apart from Substitutes

Substitutes are competition from any products or services that meet the needs of your target customers: the most classic example of competition. You have it, and your competitors have it, so what sets you apart? Tenor’s Brand Perception Audit Brand perception audit and surveying will:

  • Inform KPIs for company marketing overall
  • Establish credibility in industry-wide trends and reporting.
  • Create a trusted point of contact to gain further insights into customer mindsets and motivations

The next time a customer asks “Why should I choose you?” you will not only know what the customer is looking for, but understand what sets you apart from your competitors.

The Strategic Communications Plan helps tell your story

Does your brand simply represent a product, or is it working to tell a story, to the media, your customer base, and investors?

Tenor’s Strategic Communications Plan will:

  • Create a master list of media and influencers, key events, top awards, and a comprehensive editorial calendar to make sure you understand the market
  • Develop communications campaigns to target prospects and activate customers
  • Take your brand and product story to the next-level with expert writing and execution

This communications plan allows you to find that fine line that allows for happy customers, happy suppliers, and most importantly, a happier you. Understanding what competitors look like to your customers can help you appeal to a wider and more diverse partner and prospect prospect base.

Our Online Reputation Management will Help Your Brand Stand Out in the Midst of Competition

Intense competition reduces everyone’s profitability and we are in the midst of the most competitive business world yet. However, a strong online presence will give the best impression possible to both new and potential customers.

Over our five years of monitoring and managing profiles, we’ve seen:

  • Pages successfully developed and visibility enhanced;
  • Negative sentiment fall;
  • More relevant search engine results rise in prominence;
  • Several vandalism attempts reverted within minutes.

The best way to stand out in a competitive world? Make sure your online presence is up to date. A positive Google search can turn your company from good to great.

Whether you have given extended thought to what your edge looks like, or just beginning to dream up ideas, the question remains the same: Does your PR Firm Understand Your Competitive Advantage?