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With a growing host of competitors for InsideVenture, including the NASDAQ, Tim Draper and a scrappy secondary markets company with $20m in annual revenues, Tenor leveraged relationships and razor-sharp rhetoric to position InsideVenture at the forefront of debate to rebuild the public markets, reinvigorate the innovation ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors and grow the U.S. economy


InsideVenture – leveraging hiring news, nvca news, competitor news, & Friend of TENOR news to achieve spectacular results. Led off with hiring news and used that as a vehicle to include key messaging in advance of the NVCA Executive Board’s 4 Pillar Plan announcement. Leveraging the “throwaway” news of a new board member, Tenor was able to engage media and begin the conversation well before the media were willing to turn their attention to NVCA annual meeting. Tenor secure several briefings in advance of NVCA, resulting in feature coverage during the biggest week in VC news; Tenor secure client mentions, references and quotes in larger news stories of the week; and Tenor provided gratis counsel and support to the NYSE, a “friend of the agency” with its CEO’s West Coast media tour ensuring InsideVenture would be mentioned in their editorial roundtable we helped arrange. Over two weeks, Tenor secured a significant portion of the news cycle in the capital markets for InsideVenture at a crucial time, while they are completing the final close of their Series A.