Case Study:

Becoming Wall Street-worthy: Multiple Product Launches and an IPO

Virginia-based tech company selected Tenor to help them become Wall Street-worthy before ever talking to bankers – including strategic guidance for their IPO and multiple consumer product launches.

The result? The app had the most coverage of all apps at the Apple Watch launch event. Additionally, the company garnered extensive coverage for their IPO, despite competing coverage with a historic announcement overloading that same news cycle.

Challenge required strategic guidance for their IPO, as well as multiple consumer product launches.

Support & Solutions

Tenor spent months preparing the team for its IPO, and pre-negotiated extensive coverage. For the awards and “list” strategy, Tenor executed an outreach plan that resulted in multiple awards and placement on “Best Places to Work” lists. The app was one of only a few apps to be featured at the first Apple Watch launch.


  • The Apple Watch app received the most coverage (of all the apps) after the Apple Watch launch event.
  • The company was featured in “Top Company” lists, earning multiple awards to establish credibility in the market.
  • At the time of IPO, received extensive press coverage, despite competing for coverage with a major Supreme Court decision affirming gay marriage. On the day of the IPO, the Tenor team fought – and succeeded – in keeping pre-arranged commitments with media outlets.
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