Case Study: GoNoodle

Strategic Media Coverage Leveraging Cultural Trends Leads to $5M in Funding

GoNoodle came to Tenor to help ”break through the noise” and generate a critical mass of press coverage to increase VC awareness during the peak of EdTech hype.

The result? A critical mass of media coverage, $5M in Series C funding, and improved positioning for generating enterprise sales.


EdTech was at the peak of the hype cycle, and GoNoodle needed to generate a critical mass of press coverage to increase VC awareness for another funding round. To help establish their educational “bona fides”, they needed to promote a study that demonstrated positive educational outcomes (higher test scores) for their product. Additionally, GoNoodle was faced with the challenge of an economic buyer – needing to strategically position themselves for enterprise sales.

Support & Solutions

Tenor designed a media outreach strategy focusing on:

  • Introducing and educating reporters and editors to GoNoodle, and its unique “brain breaks” play-centered learning approach;
  • Providing story ideas to reporters regarding the study that showed their product raised test scores;
  • Positioning the CEO as a seasoned EdTech thought leader; and
  • Leveraging the Zumba craze and back-to-school timeframe. Tenor took clinical research and turned it into a powerful business story for the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets. Fun, creative customer success stories were told in local press and in industry trades to round out coverage.


A critical mass of media coverage was generated in trade publications (EdSurge, etc.) and national publications (Wall Street Journal, etc.) to establish GoNoodle as a differentiated thought leader with proven results. Shortly after the first wave of media coverage was generated, $5M in Series C funding was raised.

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